Style, Style, Style!

In our PowerPoint presentation for new coaches, style is “the icing on the cake!” That’s all well and good, but have we got something AMAZING for you…

The Stagecraft website created by Redwood Region Coach Extraordinaire, Dorothy Fast!

Dorothy put together a very comprehensive website that covers not only story, costumes, and backdrops, but also how…ways to build and create these items. This website is meant to be used by coaches and teams – May you all be inspired!

Dorothy Fast’s Stagecraft Website

Please note: Stagecraft is a website located within our regional website. For right now, to return to, use the back button or return via your browser.


Additionally, here are some solid Style Guides that can help coaches and teams enhance the way they communicate the “theme” , aka, story, aka, plot & setting,  of their long term performances. These guides cover many of the same key points, but it’s possible that one might work best for you and your team.

Florida Style Guide

Michigan Style Guidelines

Maine Style Guide