Great Smithsonian Article About Odyssey

Everyone’s a Winner When it Comes to Sports for the Brain

Team Building

Team Building Exercises Websites


Team Builders

Brainstorming Techniques

Diamond Brainstorming

Scamper Brainstorming Technique

Handouts for Initial Meetings in the Fall

Student Parent Contract

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21st Century Skills OotM Comparision Chart

This is Odyssey of the Mind by Nat Fast

Key Questions to Ask The Team Before Tournament

20 Questions List

Cool “Build It/See It” Resources

Instructables is a simply AMAZING website that shows how to build simple machines, costumes, art pieces, you name it! It’s just a Wow!


We’re on Pinterest! Dorothy Fast, OM-Person Extraordinaire, created this board. Lots of cool visuals to inspire our Redwood teams.

Redwood Odyssey on Pinterest

The RAFT stores are located in Redwood City and San Jose. There’s an annual membership fee, but the vast supplies of unusual and cool materials are worth it.


Are you doing the ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda problem this year?  Here’s the link to their videos on YouTube.

ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda Videos