Odyssey Virtually

Coaches Training Online: This year, all coaches trainings will be online. ALL coaches, experienced or new, are required to go through the Virtual training this fall. The coach training this year is broken into several small parts:

Memberships: Big changes – two types of memberships this year! During the current pandemic, creativity is needed now more than ever. The Odyssey Program, both nationally, and here in California, is adapting to let teams safely take on this year’s new long-term problem challenges. There are now two types of memberships that teams can use to participate in Odyssey this year: Traditional, and Virtual. The details about these new memberships can be found at the national website, or the NorCal association’s page about memberships (super-helpful!).

Online Modules – fast! : A short welcome video, then an online course. The online course can be completed in one sitting or can be broken up into smaller chunks. Completing all the modules should take about an hour. Click HERE to take the course. Once there, click on Redwood Region to sign up! Good luck!

Live Webinar: After completing the online courses, attend a webinar that goes more in depth about the Odyssey program components. These webinars, approx. 2.5 hours in length. will be presented by experienced Odyssey people from across Northern California. There are 4 dates to choose from, 2 on Saturdays and 2 on weeknights. Look for these dates on the events calendar.

GREAT videos about coaching virtually: Our NorCal AD and the SoCal AD have created several short videos that can help you with “distance coaching,” such as scriptwriting, prop creation, virtual spontaneous, and much more. Check out these videos called Virtual Journey Tools.