What is Odyssey of the Mind?

OotM (Odyssey of the Mind) is the largest worldwide creative problem-solving competition for children from Kindergarten through college. The program begins anew with each school year, when five “problems” are delivered to the mailboxes of eagerly waiting, creatively juiced kids. OotM’s mission is to foster the development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Importantly, OotM teaches that great minds don’t necessarily think alike – and often march to different drummers. It shows that there are no “right” answers, and that creative solutions come from teamwork, cooperation, and risk-taking. 

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What are some of the program benefits?

Who participates?

How are teams formed?

Who coaches?

What is the coach’s role and time commitment?

What are the costs?

What is the teacher’s role?

What about training?

What are the five long term problems?

How are teams organized at the tournament?

How are teams scored at regional and state tournaments?

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Adapted from VOICES, CA Silicon Valley, VA Region 9