Getting Ready for Tournament

Getting Ready for the Tournament

20 Questions ListNow is the time to through this list with your team!

Prepare & Practice Your Solution
Remember that the 8 minute time limit includes setup from a starting position. This starting position could be on the right or left of the performance area. Have your team practice with all of their set and props on either side of your room, setting up toward a designated audience area. Team members should decide responsibilities during setup.

Check for Problem Clarifications
These are written for all problems (except Primary-grades K-2) on the Odyssey of the Mind website. These items override what was initially written for those particular items in the full problem description. Reread the problem description and make sure your team’s solution is following all parts of the problem and any posted clarifications.

Remember to Make a Membership Sign
This should be a free-standing sign that will be visible during the entire performance. It must have your Membership Name and Number on it. The membership sign can be part of the set, or its own entity. If the team puts a lot of thought and effort into decorating the membership sign, it could be used for one of the free choice Style categories. Please note that all set pieces must be able to stand on their own. Teams may not lean anything against walls or furniture that may be on the edges of the performance area.

Prepare Your Paperwork (and keep it in a binder or folder)
Most of these forms are found at the end of the Program Guide or in the Forms & Problems section of the Member Area of Turn in copies of these forms after you fill them out. Keep the originals. You might want them again if your team goes on to the State Finals tournament.

Style Form
This needs to be filled out on the form provided. It can be printed on the computer or handwritten, but must fit within the space provided on the form. Each problem has 2 required elements for Style (listed in Section F of the full problem description). List these along with specific details as #1 and #2 on the Style form. There are 2 elements that the team can choose. These “free choice” elements cannot be anything that is already receiving a score in Section D of the problem description. Read the Program Guide (in the Long-Term Problems section) for more information about Style.
Make 4 copies for the tournament judges.

Team Required List Form
This list is described at the end of section B of every problem (except Problem 4-the structure problem). You can make this list yourself or use the form in the Forms & Problems section of the Member Area at
Make 4 copies for the tournament judges.

Cost Form
Everything that is visible during the performance must be given a cost value on the Cost Form. Write “exempt” as the cost if the items, such as street clothes, are exempt from cost. See the Program Guide in the Penalty Categories – Over Cost Limit section for items that are Assigned Value Items and Exempt Items. Items that are already owned by team members can be listed at garage sale values. Any tools used to make/repair items (unless visible during the performance) are not listed on the cost form. You can use more than one cost form if you can’t fit all of your items on one page. It is helpful to group items by how they are used, for example listing all of the materials used in costumes, then those used for specific props or set pieces.
Only one copy of the Cost Form(s) is needed.

Outside Assistance Form
This form should be filled out after all work on the problem’s solution is completed, but before presenting the solution at the tournament. Hopefully the team can simply write “none” and sign this form. But if the team received any outside assistance, they should list specifically what the assistance was on this form. Only one copy is needed.

Additional Paperwork
New paperwork is required to be handed in when you pick up your registration packet. One copy of each of these forms is needed:
• Media Release forms
• Team Code of Conduct
• Coaches Code of Conduct
Your registration packet will include a printed schedule and map, your ticket to the Land ‘o’ Spont (except for Primary teams), certificates of participation, and participation pins.

Spontaneous Problem Team(s)
Only the team members walk into the Spontaneous Room at the tournament. Coaches and other adults wait outside. Teams with more than 5 members will be given a minute to decide which 5 team members will compete in the problem after they walk in the room. It is a good idea to know ahead of time which 5 members will make up the Spontaneous team if it is a hands-on problem, if it is a verbal problem, or if it is a combination hands-on/verbal problem. (This does not apply to the Primary division teams at our tournament. All Primary team members get to solve the spontaneous problem which is given to the team immediately following their performance.)

Arrive Early & Inform Family Members
The doors to the performance areas are closed and remain closed during performances. Please make sure that all visiting members that want to see the performance know the time of the long-term performance, the membership name, and the long term problem number or name (i.e. Problem 1: No-Cycle Recycle or the Vehicle Problem). A map and schedule will be sent out to coaches. Pass this on to all team member families so they know where to be and when.

Remember to Have Fun!
Success in Odyssey of the Mind should not be measured by whether or not the team goes on to the State Finals. Teams have learned many life lessons and skills along the way, and if the team sticks with it and presents their solution at the tournament, then they have overcome many obstacles in order to do so.
And in case the team forgets to say so, THANK YOU COACHES!!!
The teams couldn’t compete without you!