Primary Teams

Coaching Primary Teams is truly a unique experience within the world of Odyssey!

Primary Teams General Info

What do Primary teams actually look like?

This slideshow provides a glimpse into Primary teams in the Redwood Region:

  • Hauling props to competitions - no help needed!
  • More props heading to competition - Again, this team needs no assistance!
  • Ready for anything!
  • Performance with kid-created backdrop, art, and costumes
  • Performance - lots of drama! Notice the kid-created costumes.
  • After performance - Time for parents to do their thing...take lots of pictures!
  • After performance - Hooray! We did it all by ourselves!
  • After performance. Talking to the Primary Head Judge, sharing lots of team accomplishments
  • After Performance. Getting comfortable and talking to the Primary Head judge about the team's performance.
  • All winners! Although no scores are given, every Primary team gets very special medals.